Research Project: Phase 1

Victoria Castillo
1 min readMar 3, 2021

The research topic I chose is focused on China’s foreign recycling ban that took place in 2019 as well as the consequences it has had on the United States in the process. My interest in this topic is derived from my general concern for the health of the planet. Every piece of information I find about the environment and our impact on it seems to be negative which is why drawing any attention to it is very important to me. Having knowledge of the effect humans have on the planet is the first step to making changes that have a positive impact.

Why did China ban foreign recycling in 2019 and what have the effects been on current U.S. disposal procedures?

That is my research question for my historical research project. Analyzing this question will highlight the following:

  • The exact reasons why China stopped taking recycling from other countries as well as why our country needs to adapt to managing its own waste/not creating as much.
  • How the ban has dramatically effected waste management in the U.S.
  • Explores other disposal options.
  • Explores other preventative lifestyle choices that create little waste.